Faites confiance à votre taxi – TTRUST offre le nec plus ultra en matière de sécurité lorsque vous entrez dans des taxis inconnus.


In many countries, not all Taxis are official and licensed properly. Who has not experienced this on holiday or on business trips?  And not just for tourists or business travellers it can be difficult to tell, if a taxi is really what it claims to be. Even a resident can fall into this trap.

UNTIL NOW! TRUST YOUR TAXI from TTRUST finally puts an end to uncertainty.

Hailing down a taxi can be risky in unknown environments. Calling for a taxi with your smartphone in countries with exorbitant roaming charges is also not the best option? World-class Austrian technology provides taxi clients worldwide with the ULTIMATE SECURITY, that the taxi they are stepping in, is OFFICIAL.

1   Clients simply SCAN a NON-COPIABLE, NON-FORGEABLE, NON-REMOVABLE STICKER on your Taxi with their smartphone.

2   The UNQIUE TAXI-IDENTIFICATION is verified on the most secure ID-system in the world: the Blockchain.

4    Within less than 2 seconds a client will receive a THUMBS UP on the app, if the Taxi is official. Or a warning if it is not.”


The taxi operator only has to place a sticker with a high-secure NFC chip visibly on every taxi. Clients can scan this NFC chip with their smartphones and the TRUST YOUR TAXI app. This even works when sticker is dirty or over-painted with spray. Once the sticker is placed on the taxi, the sticker cannot be removed. It destroys itself when it is peeled off. The data from the chip is sent to the tamper-proof Blockchain, where it is checked for the official registration. Only if the taxi is registered, the client will get a OK. The TRUST YOUR TAXI functionality can also be integrated into exisiting  taxi applications for smartphones.

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