Online trade with counterfeits is booming: 80% of goods traded online under the name Hermès are fakes

online handel mit plagiaten boomt

A recent report shows how a counterfeiting ring with plagiarisms of the luxury brand Hermès generated an estimated 20 million euros in profit. The criminals in France operated in the immediate vicinity of the brand owner – and with the help of insiders.

The online trade with counterfeits is booming

In order to combat the alarming extent of counterfeiting, the French luxury industry association Comitè Colbert launched actions against product piracy in the mid-2000s. As part of this, a large-scale information campaign at French airports was designed to make consumers aware of the risks of counterfeiting. Posters, for example, also pointed out that buying counterfeits is a criminal offence in France, unlike in the USA, for example.

However, this will not be enough on its own. Without product security ON THE PRODUCT with simultaneous DIGITAL PROTECTION the fight against counterfeiters will be very challenging.

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Source: Karg & Petersen