BLOCKGIN. AUSTRIAN PREMIUM GIN – First Gin worldwide whose authenticity is guaranteed by the Blockchain

Presentation: BLOCKGIN Austrian Premium Gin. Blockchain sichert Gin

Vienna, Palais Wertheim: The Blockchain secures Gin! This innovation in product authenticity was presented by rock star keynote speaker Dietmar Dahmen as part of his “Christmas-Business-Show”.

Blockchain ensures product authenticity

“BLOCKGIN is the first Gin in the world whose authenticity is unalterably protected by an NFC-chip tracked with Blockchain-technology”, says Martina Kruber from M.I.T.  “The experience for the customer to have assurance of originality is sensational. Especially, because the forgery-proof, complex processes of the Blockchain are completely invisible for the consumer”. The buyer simply has to hold his smartphone against the top of the bottle and scan the chip. This especially encoded NFC chip transmits the ID data to the Blockchain where it is verified. After this, the customer receives the information about the originality and provenance of the product via app. “The blockchain tracks the entire history of the product in a genuine and unalterable way”, said Kruber, “It is impossible to bring fake and unregistered bottles onto the market. Therefore, the Blockchain provides security for customers and entrepreneurs!”

The customer demands quality, enjoyment AND security

“The importance of quality, enjoyment and sustainable and authentic production methods is increasing,” explains CEO Martin Zimmerl. “Nowadays, customers are willing to spend more money if they can be sure of the quality and authenticity of the product and its origin. And this leads to completely new perspectives for the marketing of high-value goods. And this not only in the food sector”. This fact has already been analysed and confirmed by the Georg-August-University in Göttingen in 2015. “The only thing you have to do is to use the available technologies in the right way. Furthermore, in our fast-moving times it is very important to be first in what you do.”, adds Zimmerl.

“We see ourselves as pioneers in the field of product safety. And we want to make the options of Blockchain in this area public and comprehensible to the broad masses,” says David Geisser of CollectID. “So far, we have been using our technology to secure the authenticity of luxury goods from fashion to art. Now, with BLOCKGIN, we are entering the world of high-quality beverages and thus food for the first time. In future, suppliers who offer customers transparency and security will have a clear advantage. “Marketing has always been about stories. Products are stories, and counterfeit-proof stories are told on the Blockchain,” says Dietmar Dahmen. In the case of BLOCKGIN it is highly individual and fingerprint-unique: every bottle has its own unique, unforgeable story!

Genuine handwork, made without industrial alcohol

Of course, the focus is still on the actual product and must do justice to the additional effort. “Our high-quality BLOCKGIN is still distilled and bottled by hand in Upper Austria. Fruit and grain comes from our own cultivation. We do not use industrial alcohol or add unnecessary artificial preservatives. Furthermore, the maturing process of the Gin takes about six months in clay amphoras. This is rather unusual, as well as time-consuming for Gin. But it is precisely this process that makes our dry Gin so smooth and elegant. Even women like to enjoy a sip straight,” explains CMO and Gin-lover Kruber. Due to the elaborate production, it is planned to launch only two, strictly limited editions each year. As with good wine, each vintage will differ in nuances of flavors.

The exquisite 1OF11 (pronounced: One-of-eleven) 2020 series is special in every respect. The 11 individual bottles, designed by glass artist Sigi Franz, will be sold for the price of exactly one Bitcoin. This innovative method of payment is also still in its infancy in Austria. Additionally, the stylish BLACK Ed. 2020 is limited to 999 bottles. We think they are a perfect customer gift for innovative hi-tech companies.

So if you want to make a purchase here, you shouldn’t wait too long.